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What’s in our Water?
We thought you might like to know what’s in your water. Actually, to be more precise, we’ll tell you what is NOT in your water. In addition to our regular monthly tests for coliforms (bacteria) and periodic tests for stuff like lead and copper, we are tested on a schedule for lots of other things. We’re happy to report to you that for the most part, we really don’t have any of those other things in our water.
As a matter of fact, just about all there is in our water is good old fashioned water with a state health department mandated shot of chlorine to keep it sanitary. Yep, our water is so pure you could even drink it! But back to the testing stuff. Click on the link below and you can see the test results from a recent battery of tests ran on our water to see if there was anything in it other than good old fashioned drinking water. In most cases you’ll note the term “ND” beside a test result. That means the lab was unable to detect any of the whatever the heck that stuff is in the water. In a few cases you’ll see some of the whatever it is was detected, but in all cases we are way below any maximum contaminate level for any of the this-es or thats....... Questions? As usual, give us a call or an email and we’ll try to answer them.