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Are you my water company? Our district begins on Panther Creek Road at Deerlane Drive and includes: Deerlane Drive, Deerlane Loop, Deerlane Place, Sylvan Place, Glenview Loop, Wayside Loop, Bridge Street, Charmwood Loop, Hillside Drive, Overlook Loop, Fawn Dr, Westview Dr, Westview Circle, Bestview Drive, Spring Drive, and Vista Terrace. We also service the Salmon River Park Community consisting of: Trout Lane, Silverside Drive, Chinook Lane, Steelhead Drive, and portions of Northbank Road
If you live in our neck of the woods, but are not located on one of the streets shown, your water supplier is probably one of the following: Hiland Water Company: Serving Rose Lodge, Bear Mountain, Echo Mountain areas. Telephone number 503-554-8333 City of Lincoln City Serving the Lincoln City area including parts of Otis Oregon Telephone number 541-996-2154