Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential contaminant sources of the Panther Creek water supply?

The main potential contaminant sources of the the water supply are drinking water treatment plants, clear-cut harvests, mines/gravel pits, transmission lines, and automobile emissions.

Do you chlorinate the water?

Yes. State law requires that all water systems serving two or more customers must be chlorinated.

What else do you add to the water?

Nothing. We maintain a low chlorine residual as required by the health department to insure proper sanitization. Other than that, it's just pure water. We take the water from Panther Creek, pass it through a sediment basin, then sand filters to remove any impurities, chlorinate and send it on to you and your family.

How much water does the average consumer use per year?

This varies according to lifestyle and other factors, but a family of four could reasonably be expected to use approximately 50-75,000 gallons a year.

What is the hardness of the water?

Medium to Medium-hard. On a range of 1 to 10, it is between 5 and 6. The pH ranges from 7.2 to 7.5.

Who is responsible for finding and fixing leaks in my water service?

The district's responsibility ends at the meter. We are not permitted to assist in the repair of customer lines.

Who's "the boss?"

The Panther Creek Water district is operated by an elected Board of Commissioners. The Commissioners meet monthly at 4:30PM on the second Tuesday of each month. The public is welcome to attend. We are meeting “virtuallly” during the current pandemic. To attend, follow the instructions on the home page of this website, or contact us by email for assistance.

How can I pay my bill?

We do not maintain a physical office open to the public. Instead, all payments should be mailed to our post office box (Panther Creek Water District, P.O. Box 171, Otis Or 97368) or by clicking on the "Pay My Bill" link found on this site.

Can I receive my bill electronically?

Yes! Just contact us and we’ll set you up to receive your monthly bill by email.
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